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9 best excerpts from Coach Kubiak’s goodbye to the Broncos

Coah Kubiak tells players he stepping down

you wear this hat, you a head coach, you get a lot of instructions. Most of mine come from Patrick Smyth (Broncos communications coordinator). So last night he text me. He said, you know, wear a suit. I said, Patrick. I came in wearing jeans. I going out wearing jeans. I pulled up into Denver, Colorado, in Rhonda Buick I wanted to be a pro football player to that blue barn off of 58th Street. wholesale lions jerseys And look what it turned into. Look at this organization. And to be a small part of that golly, it been special.”

“This book I looking at, that I reading out of, I got this my first coaching job. I think it was 1992. I was a running back coach at Texas A Everybody who knows me knows I carried this book with me, every meeting I ever been to. And I used to joke, with some of these coaches, when this book falls apart, I done, I out. Well, it tore this morning, but it didn totally fall apart yet, but it tore this morning. Maybe that was a sign.”

“John said he talked to me as a friend the other night. That why it was easy for me to talk to him. We all have had our bosses that we have a hard time talking to. Well, he my boss, but we sat down and we talked well into the night. One of the things I remember telling him, I said, know what? Two years ago I was in Baltimore, and I made a decision. I said I was going to coach for a few more years and be a coordinator, enjoy this. And I said, you picked up the phone and called me. I said, you call me, you know? But thank God he did, thank God he did. That ring will be special to me and what took place the last couple years, but what John Elway has done for the Denver Broncos is unmatched in sports. As a player, as an executive, and folks I want ya to know one thing. He is so supportive of wholesale raiders jerseys me and he is the best in the business to work for, and I wish I could continue to do that, but unfortunately I can But John, thanks so much bud. I love you.”

“This decision is strictly my decision based on what I been through this year, and how I feeling. I just feel like it time for me to do something different. I retiring from coaching. I getting out of coaching. But I got a lot to give. I going to find something else to do, and I going to wake up with that same passion and do that just like I coached for, what it been? The last 20 something years.”

“I love the fans. They the best. They were good to me as a player, good to me as a coach. And just yesterday, walking off that field, seeing those fans, I always cherish that.”

“Mr. B is the greatest owner in sports. I got a chance to play for him, coach for him, be a head coach for him. It been a big part of my life, the majority of my life, my NFL life. I have such respect for him, for Annabel they gave me an opportunity in life that is second to none. I appreciate that so much and I love Mr. B. heard a coach say one time that if you play the game the right way they can pay you enough. I know management doesn want to hear my say that, but I believe that. I think the players are special. I know that they make a lot of money, they got a lot of notoriety, a lot of things going on in their life but their job is hard. There a lot asked of them, and I respect players. And I respect what they do. What they give up body wise. What they have to do in a short period of time to have a career. But I love our teams. I love all our teams.”

“(This organization) is built to do big things. It built to win championships It in a great place, and it going to win many more. And I will be its biggest fan.”

And a bonus one:

As he choked down tears, Coach Kubiak thanked his wife, Rhonda. “And last, thank my buddy. She kept me in one piece for a long time. She let me go do what I love to do. I coming home. That probably scares the hell out of ya. I coming home. But I love you.”

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